Wednesday, September 12, 2012

School Zone 9-13-12

We continue to collect the necessary forms and complete preparations for student drug testing that will begin this month.  Parents and students are reminded that the Consent Form must be completed and returned to the school by the deadline date.  Those who choose not to sign the consent form will be disqualified from participation in activities, and will not be eligible for parking permits.  The deadline date for fall activities was September 7.   The Consent Form deadline date for participation in winter activities is Friday, November 30, 2012.  For spring activities, the deadline is Thursday, February 28, 2013. 

At the Board meeting on Monday our school board voted to extend my contract for an additional 3 years.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the board members for having confidence in my ability to continue to improve Vermilion’s schools.  I fully understand that having this opportunity is a privilege.   There have been many changes during my tenure and they have been both challenging and rewarding.  Our schools are supported by many positive parents, community members and business leaders and I have appreciated your collaboration.  My goal for the future is to continue to listen to your ideas and make changes necessary to fulfill our mission statement of “Creating Leaders and Lifelong Learners”.  As we focus on what this mission statement really means, it must be our priority to develop leaders that will come back to Vermilion to live and improve their community.  I look forward to working together with you and our Board to make our schools attractive to prospective businesses and future residents. 

Speaking of leadership, I was recently given a very short children’s book entitled “How to Behave and Why” by Munro Leaf about the four qualities needed to make friends and keep them.  It is really a book about leadership.  The message is an important one and is worth sharing:    
1.  Leaders must be honest.  Honesty builds credibility with the people you talk with every day.  If you are honest and promise to do something, others will trust you.  It is important to keep promises. 
2.  Leaders must be fair.  Fairness is described as an attitude of happiness, friendliness and a willingness to share.   Everyone recognizes fairness when they see it.   
3.  Leaders must be strong.  Strength is learned by developing good habits such as eating right, exercising, resting and keeping life in balance.  Strong leaders do not nag, whine and grumble.  They attempt to do what is right with each and every decision. 
4.  Leaders must be wise.  Wise people don’t always have to be right.  They are good listeners and seek the counsel of other honest, fair and strong leaders when making difficult decisions.   

All of this isn’t easy, especially for children, but there are no shortcuts.  I believe that this simple book had some very wise words that opened my eyes, and I hope that they will help our readers.  It is a great book to read as a family, or for individuals who wish to improve their leadership skills. 

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