Friday, October 7, 2016

Fire Explorer Program to be Offered to VHS Students

Sunday, October 9, the Vermilion Fire Department will have an open house from 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. at both stations in town. At these open houses, students interested in the new fire explorers program will be able to pick up information and learn more about the program.

The explorer program is under the umbrella of Boy Scouts, but is run as a separate program. Interested students would need to apply to the program and be accepted.

            Qualification include:
·        Open to male and female students
·        Students in grades 9  through 12
·        Be able to follow directions in stressful situations
·        Good physical condition
·        Willing and able to attend at least 50% of all scheduled meetings and training
·        Maintain at least a “C” average
·        Written permission from a legal guardian

The program will be limited to 10 students. This makes the group manageable and provides for more intense training. There will be a waiting list available for students that are interested but don’t get in the first round.

The program will in no way interfere with school, and the safety of the explorers will be the highest importance throughout training. There are a wide range of rules and regulations regarding explorer involvement in training and emergency situations.

Explorers will go through different levels of involvement starting with a probation period of three months and on up to a Level 3 Explorer, who are allowed to participate in exterior fire suppression. Each explorer level the students go through involves intense training and study. They will learn all the traits and skills of a firefighter.

All volunteers will have completed youth protection training. It is a co-ed program, and if female students are in the explorers, female advisors will be provided. The first year, there will be a cost of $24 per student for them to be included under the Boy Scout’s insurance. There is also a $40 charter fee for the group. Financial assistant will be available for student for any student that would have a hardship with the financial requirement. The Vermilion Local School District wants to ensure any student with an interest has the opportunity. 

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