Thursday, December 22, 2016

VHS: Home of the 2017 Outstanding Young Music Educator of the Year

A couple weeks ago, administrators, teachers, and students at Vermilion High School had the unique opportunity of surprising one our teachers: John Carmack, who has been named the Ohio Music Education Association 2017 Outstanding Young Music Educator of the Year award.

Making it a true surprise, Mr. Carmack didn’t even know he had been nominated for this prestigious award. Mr. Dawson nominated him for the award, which included submitting an application and collecting letters of support from administrators, teachers, and parent volunteers. When Mr. Dawson found out that Mr. Carmack won, he arranged for the president and former president of OMEA to come to the high school along with Mr. Carmack’s parents and many of his colleagues to make the announcement. Needless to say, he was very surprised when everyone walked in on one of his classes.

Mr. Carmack started with the VLSD in July of 2011. When he interviewed with the district he stood out amongst the other candidates because of his evident passion for music and his extremely positive approach. Mr. Carmack has worked very hard not only to learn more about the field of music but how to be a better teacher over the years. He takes his responsibility very seriously but is able to interject fun and humor into his daily lessons. Above all it didn't take long to understand that Mr. Carmack goes above and beyond expectations when building positive relationships with each of his students. They all work very hard for him because of the way he respectfully treats the as students and performers.

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