Tuesday, January 17, 2017

SCHOOL ZONE 1-5-2017

Following the renovation of Vermilion High School’s auditorium a few years ago, a committee of parents and school personnel established a commemorative plaque program to honor community members, business and alumni who have been an important part of Vermilion’s tradition of excellence in music and theatre.  Tax deductible gifts will be used to support future art, theater and music performances.   

There are two options for placement of a commemorative or memorial plaque.  The first is a seat plaque engraved with your choice of wording at a cost of $100 each.  Each plaque is limited to two lines of text (20 spaces per line).  The second option is a permanent memorial plaque that will be displayed in the vestibule outside the auditorium at a cost of $200 each.  This is a wonderful way to honor a VHS graduate or family members who have participated in or enjoyed theater and/or music programs throughout the years. Businesses as well as individuals are welcome to participate in this program.

Brochures are available at choir and band concerts throughout the year.  To receive a brochure by mail please call 440-204-1723 or email cakers@vermilionschools.org.  

During the holiday break our designated audit team completed their on-site and electronic review of district financial records.   An audit of fiscal department records is required to be completed annually under supervision from the Ohio Auditor of State’s office.  A final report from the audit team should be available to the public within a few months.  We will post the report on our website when it is available. 

Our district continues to need substitutes for various positions, including teachers, bus drivers, custodians, food service and other support staff.   Student supervision and assistance is a priority in all of our buildings, making it important to have substitutes are available when the need arises.  Substitute work is on an as needed basis, and subs can dictate their own schedule.  If you are interested in spending a few days a week (or more) as a substitute, please apply on our website at the following link:  http://www.vermilionschools.org/Employment.aspx

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