Thursday, October 22, 2015

SCHOOL ZONE 10-22-15

Nomination forms are now available on the school district website, , or at Vermilion High School. Completed nomination forms should be returned to Timothy Lamb, Principal, Vermilion High School, 1250 Sanford Street, Vermilion, OH 44089 no later than Monday, November 16, 2015. The induction ceremony for award winners will be held on Saturday, January 23, 2016 prior to the VHS Varsity basketball game. To be considered as a candidate for induction to the Hall of Fame, nominees must have graduated five (5) or more years prior to nomination. A candidate who is not an alumni must be an individual (i.e. teacher, administrator, coach, advisor, staff or volunteer) who through personal endeavor, leadership and/or sacrifice over a period of years, has made an extraordinary contribution to the success of Vermilion High School or Vermilion Local Schools. Employees will first be considered as candidates five years after ending service with Vermilion Schools.  Criteria considered for selection of Hall of Fame candidates include secondary and post-secondary achievements, professional or lifetime accomplishments, recommendations and community involvement. While high school performance is important, it is not solely determinative. The committee gives special consideration to those who successfully unite noteworthy accomplishments in school and life. All nominations are welcome.

One of the electives at Vermilion High School is a class titled Peer Leadership.  The class is an extension of Teen Leadership Corps, a high school community service class.  The goal of the program is to teach students how to be active leaders among their peers and in their communities.  Each year students are encouraged to develop and implement community service projects and fundraising activities.  Coming up on October 28 the class will sponsor “Dope is for Dopes”, a presentation featuring inmates from the Grafton Correctional Institution.  The inmates involved in the “Dope is for Dopes Program” speak on a variety of subjects. All are aimed at encouraging today’s youth to avoid drugs, as well as other forms of criminal activity.  The message is clear:  Stay in school, work hard, and display only honest and positive behavior.  The presentation is meant to help students understand how their choices impact their future, and gear them towards positive, rather than negative, activities.  The program is being organized by the 8th period Peer Leadership class to coincide with Red Ribbon Week, a national campaign that focuses on drug prevention, awareness, advocacy, and resources. 

The VHS Workforce Development Program will once again partner with a team from the Ohio State Regional Branch in Sandusky for a program call "Real World - Real Money".  This two day program is designed to help students develop vital financial management skills. On the second day the group offers 15 booths that students visit to complete a skills for living project involving banking, financing, and budgeting money.  Booths will be manned by professionals who are assisting with this program, along with some of our own staff members.

For the past several weeks members of our District Crisis Team have been working with Homeland Security personnel to make changes to our School Safety Plan, as required by recent legislation.  After the plan is final, it will be uploaded to the Homeland Security website for use by law enforcement, fire departments and other agencies.  This comprehensive plan will provide these agencies with all of the information necessary to assist our administrative personnel in the event of an emergency.
With the holiday season rapidly approaching, our Principals would like to remind parents to be mindful of food allergies when sending snacks to school.  One of the top allergens to avoid are peanuts, but we have a growing population of students with gluten allergies.  To assist parents with planning for class parties, a list of allergy-free snacks is available on our website.  Click on the Parent tab to download or view the Snack-Free list compiled by

We continue to be challenged by our ability to attract individuals who are interested and available to fill in as substitutes for our classified staff.   We are looking for substitute bus drivers, food service workers and custodians.  If you are interested in a flexible, part-time work schedule, please apply by visiting our website, .  Click on the “employment” tab on the left side of the page. 

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